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Bonuses are a casino's way of communicating with you.

First, it is a way of advertising itself. See it as the top online casinos saying, pick us and stand a chance to play many games for free. You also get to keep whatever you win in the process.

Also, when you settle on a particular casino, a new no deposit casino bonus is another way of saying, Thank you for choosing us. At other times, especially when the creator of a particular game has an affiliation with a casino, a bonus is simply the casino enticing you to play that particular game.

Bonus offers can be so many things. But most of all, they are either good or bad. And the Terms & Conditions help you determine that.

However, the issue is that most players do not even understand what no deposit bonuses are and how it’s best to use them. They just see it as free betting money and pick the highest bonus they can find.

You deserve to know what you can gain from the new no deposit casino bonus Canada. You own the right to consider bonus offers before accepting them. So we put together this piece to give you a slightly comprehensive idea of no deposit bonuses. Read on!

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Using New No Deposit Bonus in the Game

Playing with a new no deposit bonus casino offer seems as easy as playing with your own money. All you do is bet, play, and win. Or lose, maybe.

It usually is not that easy. It begins with picking the right bonus. And to pick the right bonus, you need to know what a good bonus is, types of no deposit bonuses, how to claim it, and what you can gain from them.

What Makes a Good New No Deposit Casino Bonus?

Quality bonuses make good new no deposit casino bonuses. And by quality bonuses, we do not mean ridiculously huge bonuses.

A $2000 no deposit cash bonus or a 150 casino free spins no deposit welcome bonus should not seem catchy to you. That is if you’re a smart player. It should rather seem suspicious.

Why would a casino want to give out so much money to every new user? It’s definitely not in a bid to generate revenue from traffic. Definitely not!

Ridiculously huge bonuses come with unrealistic wagering requirements. You get to see something like a 150x wagering requirement with a 5-day time limit. If you are lucky enough to meet the requirements, you may be asked to make withdrawals with a banking system that is either not available in your country or is faulty.

What makes a quality bonus is a reasonable amount with realistic no wagering requirements and a fair time limit. For example, a $200 no deposit welcome bonus with a 10x or 15x wagering requirement and 7 days time limit. That is a fair offer and is what makes up a good no deposit bonus.

New No Deposit Bonuses: Types

New no deposit casino bonus offers come in two major forms. They could be in the form of Cash Bonuses or Free Spins.

Cash Bonuses are the most common form of no deposit bonuses. A minimum deposit casinos gives you a certain amount of money upon registration to bet with.

Sometimes you are allowed to use the money to bet on all games at the casino. At other times, they restrict the money to only specified games. Though, when it comes to cash bonuses, restrictions on the type of games you can wager on are quite rare.

Free Spins, on the other hand, are common to slot games. Casinos that specialize in table games like Live Roulette also give this kind of bonus. It allows you to spin at no cost.

Usually, free spins are given as a reward for securing a winning combination. So when you use it, the bet amount you set for the round that activated the bonus will be the same as the bet amount for the free spin round. And it serves as the multiplier for whatever combinations you land in the free spin round.

However, when the free spin is a new no deposit casino bonus, the rule is slightly different. It all depends on the casino. Some casinos will already have a bet amount set for all the no deposit free spin rounds. You are not allowed to increase the bet amount.

All you do is spin and wait for the results. The bet amount set by the casino acts as the multiplier for whatever combinations you secure.

How to Claim New No Deposit Bonus?

New No Deposit Casino Bonus

You can claim a new no deposit bonus casino offer in two (2) ways. Through a bonus code or by a bonus link.

Casinos have affiliations with certain sites. These sites agree to promote the casino in exchange for exclusive promo codes for its readers. That is why you sometimes see a casino review site suggesting a new mobile casino apps to you with a promo code.

These exclusive offers may not necessarily be bigger in amount. Most times, they come with fairer wagering requirements.

To claim it, just copy the bonus code. Go to the casino’s website or mobile app and enter the bonus code in the input feature provided for bonus codes on the landing page. Register, and you will find the exclusive bonus sitting in your in-game wallet.

If you do not have a bonus code, register with the casino. After providing the appropriate details and confirming your registration, you will also find the casino bonus in your in-game wallet. This is because you are entitled to that new casino bonus no deposit offer as a new user. And by registering, you already agreed to the offer.

What Do I Gain From Using New No Deposit Casino Bonuses?

Using a new casino bonus, a no deposit bonus might seem like nothing to experienced players. New players, however, need it, especially if the casino has no demo-play feature.

If you intend to ace the gaming space as a new player, you should not just use new no deposit bonuses. You should maximize them to the best of your abilities.

This bonus is the casino giving you a level playing-ground. It allows you to play as many games as the casino offers, at no cost; that is, if the bonus does not come with gaming restrictions. And if it does, playing a few games still gives you insight into how a casino games operates.

How often can I land scatter symbols? How much could I earn from accurately predicting the roulette wheel? Can I communicate with other players during live dealer games? What kind of vibe does playing at this casino give?

Playing with the best new no deposit casino bonuses allows you to answer all these questions by yourself satisfactorily.

So why not seek out the best no deposit bonuses today and start asking all these questions? Good luck!